June 2011

Dear Dan,

This letter is long overdue and I’ve wanted to write to you for some time.

As you know the end of June will be my last day with BMI and it has been a fruitful journey working with you and your team.  We have done many projects for BMI over the twenty plus years we have worked together.  It has been a great run and I have enjoyed this time working with you.

I realize that you have worked with BMI before I took over from my predecessor Sal Fernandes on the renovation of our space at 320 West 57th Street.  This project required the relocation of staff from one area of the office to another while continuing with the normal day to day operations. This project required extensive coordination with everyone involved in order to continue our business while construction was taking place.  Since that time, BMI required many changes to the existing office space as well as many code upgrades over the years.

The final project we worked on was the relocation of the BMI offices from uptown on 57th Street to downtown at 7 World Trade Center.  This was in my opinion the most exciting of all the projects we worked on.  There were many challenges that had to be overcome and a deadline for a move-in date.  All the issues were handled in a professional manner and BMI moved into an elegant, crisp, comfortable, corporate space within the allotted timeframe of the project and within budget.  Dan, you should be proud of what was accomplished and I would recommend your company to anyone looking for someone as professional as you.

With retirement soon approaching, I am saddened that I will no longer be involved with you on projects for BMI.  I have enjoyed the years we have spent together working on these projects and will remember them always.  I also feel I have acquired a lifelong friend and will always value our relationship.

Good Luck to you and your team in all your future endeavors.

Yours truly,

Dennis Di Traglia
Vice President
Corporate Facilities Planning


May 24, 2011

Subject:  Thank you so much!

Dear Dan,

Thank you sounds so little for what you did.

The lunch for Congressman John Conyers, Jr. was a big, big success.

We had a full house and everyone loved our building and every detail you have so kindly given us.  We are so lucky to have this show place to work in.

Thank you again for making it award winning.

B.J. Farnor
Senior Director, Corporate Events
7 World Trade Center, NYC


October 30, 2010

Re:  Daniel G. Failla, AIA

I am an Interior Designer that downsized to a small apartment who searched for an architect I hoped would be able to bring my design concept into reality within the confines of the space.

I won.

Dan is a very detail oriented architect who is very easy to work with and gives much time to each area that needs attention.  He also takes the time to explain every aspect of the design.  His architectural drawings are precisely documented.

I feel he is very skilled at what he does.

Very truly,

Marilyn Davis
169 East 69th Street
New York, NY 10021


July 29, 2010

Hi Dan,

It was a pleasure seeing you yesterday. BTW, this office looks spectacular.  Folks just rave about it.  Kudos to you and your firm Dan.

All the Best to you in the future Dan,

John Cody
Chief Operating Officer
Executive Vice President

June 1, 2010


This place is looking good and we can call it home for a long, long time. You are the best!

Thank you for all the hard work and endless hours you have given us this whole year long. This place is standard setting and it’s all because of you!  

Thank you so much.

Bucky  & Sandy
Executive Department, BMI


February 9, 2008

Hi Dan,

We just wanted to write a brief note of appreciation for the great job you did in designing the complicated staircase and other design issues involved in connecting the upstairs and downstairs apartments to make our new duplex.  It looks terrific and we have had many compliments---one person even said it looks as if it had always been there.  Certainly we were told by another architect it might not even be possible, but you came through for us in a great way.  Also wonderful that you took care of all the permit issues and found us a really fine contractor to do the work and followed up with care as the work progressed.

Again, thanks so very very much.

Debby Delmer and John Hirst
33 Riverside Drive, Apt 1A/2A
New York, NY 10023


September 7, 2007

Dear Dan,

A note to thank you for my “new” apartment.  It turned out to be everything I dreamed of. I enjoyed working with you and appreciate your professionalism and creativity.  I couldn’t be happier with the work you did to make it all come out so beautiful.

Thank you so much,

Gloria L. Kessler


June 29, 1999
To:  Daniel G. Failla Architect
SUBJECT:  Appreciation

Dear Dan,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all the work you put into making our New York Sales office renovation a success.  Your dedication made things run a lot smoother than they could have.  You saved me a lot of trips to New York, which pleased me greatly.  It helped knowing there was someone up there who was on the ball and looking after Mastercraft’s best interests.

Again, I appreciate the time and pride that you put into your job and would be honored to work with you again.

Very truly yours,

Wilson H. Jumper
Director of Engineering


May 26, 1995

Dear Dan,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a job well done at our 500,000 sq.ft. Prentice Hall, W. Nyack Distribution Center.  We at Simon & Schuster were very impressed with your high degree of professionalism and problem solving ability and hard work, always factoring in value engineering and scheduling into each phase of the project.

We faced many unusual exterior and interior problems and your ability to visit the site and provide instant analysis on the problems was right on target.

Your help was especially valuable when we were called in to sit down with the Fire Department and Building Department representatives to explain and provide a solution to the Fire Department’s concerns which ended in a successful and agreed upon plan to the satisfaction of all concerned.

Thanks too for your time attending our weekly meetings in West Nyack and for the constant direction you provided to the contractors.

I look forward to working together again in the near future.

With our thanks and appreciation,

Louis Schiano, RA
Sr. Facilities Director
Simon & Schuster