Commercial Scope of Services

Daniel G. Failla Architects (DGFA) provides a comprehensive Scope of Services tailored to address each of our Client’s unique project needs.  In the management of our projects we act as our Client’s agent in coordination with Building Owners, Landlords, Contractors and Vendors.

Pre-Design Services
(See Separate Pre-Design / Pre-Lease Services For Office Facilities)
•    Program Analysis / Obtain and analyze Client’s Requirements & Objectives
•    Building Site Evaluation
•    Feasibility Studies
•    Work Letter Assessment

Design & Construction Document Phase Services
•    Survey & Record Existing Site Conditions
•    Code Analysis / Compliance
•    Preliminary Plans
•    Design Development
•    Budget Estimate Assistance
•    Interior Décor
•    Construction Documents / Drawings & Specifications
•    Engineering Systems Coordination
•    Department of Buildings Documents

Bidding & Construction Phase Services
•    Bid Package / Bid Analysis
•    Contract Negotiation / Award Contract
•    Assist With Ordering Items and/or Services Separate From The Construction Contract   
             NOTE:  All professional trade discounts available to DGFA are passed on to our Clients.
•    Shop Drawings & Material Samples Review
•    Construction Inspections / Contractor Meetings
•    Department of Buildings Required Inspections / Sign-Offs
•    Contractor Invoice Review
•    Punch Lists